Where can I find your Jet Ski Rental Agreement?

You may click HERE to locate our Jet Ski Rental Agreement and Rules

How old do I need to be to rent a Jet Ski?

All drivers must be 18 or older with a current valid driver's license.

Are life jackets included in the rental?

Yes, with each rental we provide a Coast Guard Approved life vest

Is there a separate charge for gas?

Yes, we strive to satisfy our customers by not including additional fees that other jet ski companies may add (such as oil) onto their rental pricing.  If gas runs low during your rental, you may return to the marina for refueling.  Renters will be provided a full tank upon departure, however, refueling will be at the expense of the renter. Gas is never included.

How fast do Jet Skis go ?

It depends on the water condition (How choppy the water is due to wind and waves) and the total weight onboard. One person on a ski will obviously go faster than three people on a ski. All of our rentals are capable of going over 55 miles per hour and are fully capable of reaching the limit at 65 miles per hour depending on the water conditions. However, on the water - that's fast! You don't have to go fast of course, but if you want to, our exclusive riding area allows enough freedom to keep your machine full-throttle for the entire ride!

Can we take the Jet skis anywhere we want?

This depends on the type of reservation you book.  For all day rentals, yes you may take the Jet Skis anywhere within the agreed upon location (which will be stated in the rental contract). For hourly rentals, JetSki rentals must stay within visible sight of our highly trained guides in a designated area (they are there for your safety.) This means that each trip has a personal lifeguard (or two) along with them for the duration of your adventure. However, you may book an Unguided Tour, which will allow you to explore the waters up the Illinois River without an escort (an added expense applies due to the increased risk to the company).  

**There is a $75 fee associated with taking the watercraft outside of the designated boundary area as well as an additional $75 if the vessel is not returned on time**

What are the requirements for passengers (non-drivers) and children under 18 yrs?

Children must be 44" or taller typically 6yrs old to be a passenger on a ski. A parent or guardian must fill out a waiver. Non-drivers over 18 must also fill out a rental and liability wavier.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Travelers Checks are gladly accepted. Please provide identification with your payment at check-in.

How do I make a reservation?

Call us at 314-800-5695 or use the Reservation Request link HERE to submit your request. When calling, please be ready with your contact information, number of skis, along with a Credit Card to hold your reservation. 

What is your Jet Ski cancellation policy?

All sales are final. Reservations require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Any rentals not canceled 24 hours prior to trip will not be eligible for a gift certificate. Any rentals requesting a cancellation prior to within 24 hours of the reservation will be issued a gift certificate for 75% of the full value of the rental.  All jet ski tours must be paid for at least 48hrs in advance to secure a reservation or your tentative reservation slot will be automatically forfeited to a person on our wait list. All reservations are final during holiday weekends, except for when there's inclement weather during the reservation time.  If this occurs, then a gift certificate will be issued for 75% of the full value of the rental only if the inclement weather begins prior to halfway through the rental period.

When is the Jet Ski season?

River Road Watersports operates Jet Ski rentals anytime the weather is consistently above 75 degrees. **Please visit the Schedule on our website for pre and post season availability.**

How long is each trip?

Rentals are available in 1 hour intervals (which can be combined, but not exceed 4 hours per day). However, for first time renters, a 15 minute training session is mandatory prior to your first trip out.  Actual on-water time is approximately 45mins.  This is to leave time for cleaning and refueling.

Do I need Boating License to rent?

If boating in Missouri, the law requires that Jet Ski drivers born after January 1, 1984 obtain a certificate of boating safety education. Click HERE to obtain a MO boating safety education certificate. However, most rentals will be offered in Illinois and there is also a requirement for a boating license. Go online to and complete the 10min online training.  Email yourself the certificate and present it at checkin. 

Do I need a Driver's License?

Yes, but if you for some reason don't drive a car you will need some other form of photo ID.  your ID will be needed on the watercraft during your rental.  There is watertight storage available on each jet ski for your ID, car keys, and cell phone.

I've never ridden a waverunner, will someone show me what to do?

You bet! Our On-water guide (escort) will go over the "rules of the water", including safety information and familiarizing you with the equipment and how it works before you hit the water.

How do I know when my time is up?

For rentals within the designated area, we will provide an On-water guide that will be on hand to assist with any assistance that you may need, they will also let you know when it's time to come back in. For unguided rentals, we can provide a water resistant watch to use for time. 

What is the On-Water Guide for?

Our guide is there for your safety. He's there (on his own ski) to lead you through any of the speed restricted safety zones (NO WAKE ZONES), he'll even point out some local points of interest as you are led to the area where the serious play begins. Once there our guide will be on hand to provide any assistance that you may need. When your time draws near to an end, the guide will lead you back to the dock and assist you with safely docking your ski.

Wow that's great, how much does it cost for the guide?

There is no additional charge, it's all part of the top-level service that River Road Watersports provides our guests. However, it is customary to tip your Guide (escort) if you feel he or she did an exceptional job!

Does the instruction time count as part of my driving time?

No way! Your Jet Ski adventure does not begin until you physically leave our docks heading out for the water! By the time you get back, we promise you'll agree that of all the many things to along the Great River Road, Jetski rentals are one of the most fun and memorable attractions!

What's up with the deposit?

This is part of the Damage Waiver Agreement that you will need to fill out and sign when you rent ski from us. Each ski requires a $500.00 cash or credit deposit if Jet Ski protection is not purchased (sorry no debit cards). This is for the damages that you and or someone else may cause to our equipment while in your care. Deposits will be refunded at the completion of the rental if returned undamaged.

How does Jet Ski Protection work?

At the time of the rental, renters will have the opportunity to purchase Jet Ski or Boat Protection. If purchased, no deposit is required, and renters will only be liable for damages in excess of $500. Click HERE to purchase Jet Ski Damage Protection for your rental.

Am I allowed to jump waves?

You are not permitted to jump waves at any time during the rental period.

Am I permitted to dock or "beach" the watercraft?

NO!! You may only dock the watercraft at the Grafton Harbor under the strict direction of the River Road Watersports staff.  At no time can you visit a sandbar or dock the watercraft along the riverbank.

What happens if I damage one of the Jet Skis?

That's what the deposit or Jet Ski Protection is for, at that time one of our managers will walk you through the process. Your deposit will be held until the actual cost of the repairs has been determined. Commonly it takes a few days to have the unit taken to the repair shop, at that time the cost of the repairs will be determined, a repair order listing what repairs and parts are needed is written up. A copy of the repair order and some other paper work is prepared and mailed to you, if the repairs cost less than the deposit that was held at that time a refund will be issued for the overpayment. If you purchased Jet Ski Protection, then you are only liable for damages more than $500.

What is the difference between a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, and SeaDoo?

Each are types of PWC's or Personal Watercrafts. JetSki is the trademarked name for Kawasaki's line of PWC's. WaveRunner is the trademarked name for Yamaha's line of PWC's. SeaDoo is the trademarked name for Bombardier's line of PWC's. Some people commonly think of "Jet Skis" as the stand up type of PWC, and the WaveRunner as the sit down type. This is not true. There are stand up jet Skis, and Seated Jet Skis. The same is true for the WaveRunners, etc. Most manufacturers offer a line of two-seater, three-seater, and stand up models, however, we only offer 3-seater Jet Ski's.

What type of Jet Skis do you rent?

We rent a new fleet of Yamaha EX Sport watercrafts at 1000cc's and Seadoo GTI's at 1500cc's.

How many people can ride on your Jet Skis?

Each Jet Ski is sized for three people, or a 500-pound maximum. However, two riders or less give you a more enjoyable ride.  Additionally, waverunners are more likely to tip over with three riders due to the additionally top weight.  Therefore, we require the driver of a Jet ski with three riders to be experienced prior to the rental.

Am I permitted to switch Jet Ski riders during the rental period?

Yes, however, there are restrictions.  You may switch within riders already on the watercraft.  You may not switch between riders on different watercrafts.  Renters must stay at least 15 feet from other watercrafts always within the rental period.  If you would like to use a dock to switch riders, you may only return to the Marina once to switch riders.  This is due to the heavy traffic at the Marina during peak hours and to reduce the amount of traffic going in and out.

Can I learn to drive the rental boat?

Yes, Power boat lessons are required prior to a boat rental without a captain provided.  The boat lesson consists of a 15min dryland orientation as well as a 45min on water demonstration.  Learners will have the ability to operate and dock the rental boat during the training.  After completion, learners will be entered into a database so that future rentals won’t require taking the lesson again within the season. 

How do we enter the Harbor at the end of our River Rafting Float Trip?

When approaching the Harbor, riders will radio the deckhand for a tow in.  The deckhand will go into the channel and support the tow via jet ski towards the dock.